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If you are interested in selling your house because...
You Have an Unwanted Rental Property
You Inherited an Unwanted Property
You Own a Vacant Property, In Need Of Repairs
You Own a Property With Code Violations
You Own a Property With Liens Attached
You Have Problematic Tenant (or Family Members) You Can't Get Rid Of
You Are About to Be OR Are in Foreclosure
You Need To Relocate Quickly, And Have to Sell Your Current Home Fast
You Have Little Or No Equity, Yet Need To Sell
You Own Property In A Bad Neighborhood

Your House Needs Expensive Repairs That Are Preventing You From
Selling; Such As...

Foundation Issues
Water Damage
Structural Problems

Than we can help!

Because at Baymont Housebuyers we specialize in solving real estate problems that put a financial burden

on you, the homeowner.

Additionally, not only can we assist you in taking control of the situation (allowing you to move on free

of the hassle), but we can put cash in your pocket as well.

So to discover ALL of the options available to you, simply complete our no obligation quote form; and one
of our experts
will contact you within 24 hours.
* New York State requires an Abstract of Title and survey to close, which takes approximately 4 weeks to compile.
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